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About Urban Developers:

Urban Developers are widely acknowledged for their strategic locations, high-quality development initiatives, inventive concepts, and unwavering dedication to their mission, not only within Pakistan but also on the global stage. The company has successfully completed numerous projects in Lahore, the capital city of Punjab, Pakistan.

As a family-owned enterprise, Urban Developers has rapidly gained significant ground, firmly establishing itself as a prominent player in the real estate sector of Pakistan. Recognized as one of the fastest-growing entities in realty, the company offers affordable luxury. The management team, boasting decades of international construction experience, meticulously oversees all aspects of development, from design and marketing to construction and a steadfast commitment to quality.

Our objective is to lead the real estate market by fulfilling the aspirations of individuals seeking a lifestyle and a home that epitomizes exceptional living. As an organization, we are dedicated to creating both value and aesthetic appeal, resulting in a superior product for our clientele. Our foremost priority is to inspire lifestyles and deliver value to our customers. We envision a novel approach to living, empowering customers to transition from a rent-centric model to owning their own end-user home through our flexible payment plans.

Chairman's Message

Mian Tahir Javed is the owner and Chairman of Urban Developers & Central Park Housing Scheme Lahore. Urban Developers comprises a team of seasoned Chartered Town Planners with an extensive track record spanning more than four decades. We bring to the table the expertise and resources essential for strategizing and implementing substantial projects within the realm of land infrastructure development and construction. Our core objective is to positively impact the civic landscape on a national scale by crafting cutting-edge infrastructure in each of our endeavors. We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards in our work, ensuring rigorous quality control, implementing robust safety measures, and consistently advancing our managerial and professional competencies. Additionally, we offer flexible payment plans to facilitate end-users in acquiring their homes.

Real Estate Projects by Urban Developers

Here is the list of real estate projects developed by Urban Developers:

hospital in central park lahore

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